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Why use a specialist investment management recruiter?

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Working in a niche or specialist sector means that sourcing the best candidate to fill a position can be a taxing process. A public job post will surely attract a lot of attention, but is that attention coming from the right place? The specialist talent pool is a small, shallow one and being inundated with applications means that the right candidate for you could be sitting under a pile of 200 other unqualified candidates. This makes hiring new talent a long and costly procedure. Unless that is, you work in partnership with a specialist recruiter.

In the investment management industry, especially, sourcing appropriate specialist talent from a limited pool of candidates will take a lot of time and effort, which could otherwise be used elsewhere in the company. By engaging the services of a specialist recruiter, you gain several key advantages.


Expertise, in this case, operates on two levels – the first is knowledge of the industry and role for which your company needs the best possible candidate. Mason Blake, for instance, has been working in the investment management sector for years and we have an excellent understanding of what is required of applicants for the industry. Even compared to those in the HR department of the company itself, our team knows what makes for a great candidate and can thoroughly analyse an applicant’s experience, background, and personality traits to conclude how suitable they are for a specific position.

The second level of expertise a specialist recruiter has is experience in recruitment itself. Not only can a recruiter in finance identify the ideal candidate, we also know where to look for them. Rather than letting countless hopefuls come to us and having to sift through all the applications, we have a pool of talent from which we source our candidates. Any new candidates that are added to the pool are carefully vetted and we always meet with them face-to-face before adding them to our roster.

Our experience in filling roles in niche sectors has allowed us to carve out the most efficient methods for the process. This empowers us to source top talent as quickly as possible and to understand how the available skills match up to industry trends.

Cost saving

As we mentioned above, it takes a lot of time and energy for a business to recruit specialist talent using internal resources. It would need a team of people dedicated to the task and the opportunity cost of this could impact company productivity. By hiring a specialist recruiter, your business can continue operating at maximum capacity and can reliably employ a new candidate within a much shorter time frame.

Additionally, specialist recruiters will take the time to help your company from the very beginning. Should your company need it, for instance, Mason Blake will assist in the development of a candidate brief. This will help paint a clearer picture of what we should be looking for in a candidate, so we can start narrowing down the search to the top picks right away.

The cost-saving opportunities here can be significant. Not only can your company employees continue normal operations and keep your business functioning at optimum capacity, but the time-saving advantage of using a recruiter can be very profitable. Some studies have shown that employees can generate three to five times their annual salary in the form of revenue. By hiring a specialist recruiter, your new employee can begin earning a profit for your company sooner – the longer the position is left open, the longer the company isn’t making that money. Also, by carefully ensuring that the correct candidate has been chosen, you can be more confident about employee retention.

Develop employer value and reputation

Websites like Glassdoor exist because a company’s reputation as an employer is a powerful factor in obtaining the best talent. Candidates can look up a company, assess their value as an employer, and decide if they’re interested before a recruiter has approached them or the position is even posted. For this reason, it’s important that your company comes across as an attractive place to work. This is easier for large corporations, who can afford to devote resources to building their employer brand. But for SMEs, having the time and budget to develop this area isn’t as easy, and that’s where a specialist recruiter’s skills come in.

Investment management is a competitive industry and industry specialists can afford to be selective with their options. That’s why it’s helpful to have a third party to offer a strong employer value proposition to the candidate. Specialist recruiters are experienced in selling an employer to a candidate by effectively communicating the current and potential benefits of the vacant role. They’ll also appeal to motivators like future progression, compensation, and company culture. When Mason Blake delivers the best candidate for a position, we make sure that candidate fits in: not just to the position, but also with the company culture. By ensuring candidates in your business are happy to be there, we can increase your value as an employer and a brand.

Many companies see recruitment services as a luxury reserved only for those who can afford it and wish to save time. We don’t believe this is the way you should look at recruitment. Employing the services of a recruiter should be seen more as an investment that can yield potentially massive returns, especially in specialist industries. If you think Mason Blake could help you grow your team, along with your profits and employer value, get in touch via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

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